We are a medium-sized company based in Berlin Adlershof, specializing in the development and manufacture of fixtures and special machinery.


  • 1991: Foundation of “Christian Dunkel GmbH” as an MBO with 43 employees from the former VEB Werk für Fernsehelektronik (WF)
  • production started in early 1992
  • Professional and personnel development from 1993 to 1998, including the integration of toolmaking units and employees from former large Berlin companies.

For example:

– Bergmann-Borsig / ABB
– Goebel & Lehmann
– Cutting and Molding Berlin
– Secura-Werke Berlin

in the years 1993 to 1998; creation of new business fields.

  • Company headquarters until 2022 in the former premises of the toolmaking department of the AEG Röhrenfabrik Oberspree (RFO) in the Peter-Behrens building constructed by AEG from 1915-1917.
  • Relocated to the Wista site in Berlin Adlershof in July 2022.


Company Philosophy

  • Partnership and long-term cooperation with our customers for mutual benefit.
  • Early, trustful inclusion in development projects of our partners (development partnership).
  • High quality standards in the development and manufacturing of our products:

– We face the challenging issues of our customers.
– We meet the highest accuracy requirements of our customers (We can do the “µ”!).

  • Continuous development of construction and manufacturing processes through:

– Standardization
– Investments in new processes
– Investments in new and more precise machines
– Preservation of value of old high-precision machines

  • Ongoing, targeted development measures internally and externally for designers, foremen, programmers, operators.
  • Apprenticeship training with high standards (additional courses, supervision by the best skilled workers, rotation through all divisions and master areas).
  • Participation in professional competitions (twice Berlin champion, once national champion and other good placements).
  • High self-responsibility of employees in quality and deadline compliance.
  • Proof of achievement of contract goals (tests, measuring and acceptance protocols).


Development and Design

We develop and design customized solutions for your tasks. Throughout all project phases, your contact person is consistently responsible for you:

      • Concept and proposal preparation
      • Project planning and development
      • Design
      • Assembly
      • Commissioning and testing
      • Service and customer support

Development and design are carried out by our designers in individual and team responsibility. The design drafts are created according to specifications/brief or proposal. After confirmation of the detailed design documents by the customer, the completion of the design follows. After internal design release, the designers place orders with our Mechanical Production. About 98% of the manufacturing parts are processed in-house. Selection and external procurement of purchased parts are carried out by the project-responsible designers. Customer preferences regarding preferred suppliers are considered. The purchasing of parts is done centrally. Assembly, commissioning, sampling, and customer pre-acceptance take place at our company. After customer approval with acceptance or test protocol (e.g., according to VDA), the delivery takes place. Service and maintenance are undertaken by the project-leading department. The assembly rooms are located directly next to the design department. The assembly management is handled by the project-responsible designer.