Machines for Pipeline Assembly

With our range of standard machines, we offer fast solutions for the assembly of air conditioning, oil, and fuel lines. For more information about our standard machines, click here.

Special Machine Design

Dunkel GmbH offers high-quality standard and special-purpose machines. We specialize in the development of custom machines and fixtures tailored precisely to our customers’ needs. With our extensive expertise, we realize everything from simple assembly aids to fully automatic production systems.

Fixture Design

High-precision clamping devices for the mechanical processing (milling, grinding) of curved parts such as turbine blades and castings.

Measuring and attributive inspecting gauges & measuring fixtures as a manufacturing support tool (e.g., for 3D plastic parts interior & exterior automotive industry).

Contract Manufacturing

With our machinery, consisting of approximately 75 machines, we manufacture high-precision parts. Both as custom-made items or in series.

Cutting and Forming Tools

We develop stamping and forming tools for steel, aluminum, and titanium parts.

Mold Making

For 30 years, we have been designing and manufacturing die casting and injection molding molds for plastic, aluminum, and ceramic parts.


Product examples

Dual crimp press

Our dual crimping press enables the precise fitting and crimping of hoses onto lines with lengths from 100 mm to 1,000 mm with a force of 30 kN, expandable to 1,100 kN. Safety features and component recognition guarantee high quality and operator safety.

Insertion system

The connector insertion system enables precise pressing of connectors into various types of lines. With a performance range from 5mm to 28mm in diameter and a pushing force of up to 6.6kN, it flexibly adapts to the requirements of your production.

Dual insertion system

Twice as efficient: Our ‘Dual Insertion System’ boosts your productivity by operating simultaneously on both sides of the line. It combines safety and efficiency with advanced detection systems for quality assurance in your manufacturing processes.