Measurement technology in our company primarily serves to meet the highest accuracy requirements of our customers down to the “µ” range. This includes the use of modern length measurement technology. In recent years, we have also undertaken metrological work as a service.

In our fully air-conditioned measurement room, we work with measuring device technology such as :

Our measurement and evaluation software:

      • U-SOFT
      • U-SOFT Solid
      • Calypso
      • HOLOS Geo
      • HOLOS Light
      • HOLOS Extended
      • Geopak_2D
      • QIPAK – Image processing software

We work with various sensors for measurement data acquisition.

The field of work of the Quality Assurance/Length Measurement Technology department includes:

      • Contract measurements according to customer’s drawing specifications with corresponding documentation, e.g., initial sampling according to VDA, prototype measurements
      • Actual dimension capture of unknown contours for new construction design or machine setting/adjustment and measurements on free-form surfaces – Assistance in the creation of lost design documents
      • Machine inspections based on measurements of test bodies and sample parts (DIN_Part, circularity test, hole plates)
      • Setup work for precision assembly or adjustment tasks
      • Measurements of hard-to-reach geometry features on workpieces from the aerospace industry


Contact: Mr. Gersonde

Phone: +49 30 53890 281