Our company is active in the following fields: and is organised in six departments, with each department being fully responsible for the complete order management chain:

Our method of operation

Based on functional and performance specifications, handling and procedural requirements as well as guidelines of our customers, we design and develop custom made solutions.

All our departments are headed by department managers who are – together with the project-owning design engineers – technologically and commercially responsible for their department's sales performance. They receive the enquiries of our customers and submit the offers.

Design, development and engineering is done by our 12 design engineers, each of them belonging to one of the seven departments. The project designs are normally sent to the customer for approval, and further detailed if required. Subsequently, the go-ahead for production is given.

A selection of necessary purchasing parts is done by the design engineer responsible for the project. Clients' wishes regarding preferred suppliers are taken into account. Purchase orders are then processed centrally.

Around 95% of all built-in manufactured parts are fabricated in-house. High-temperature heat treatments, galvanization and coatings are outsourced. Due on our broadly educated staff, extensive machinery and shift work, we are able to realise short delivery times. Quality assessment is integrated in each production step and secured by a final inspection.

Assembly, initial operation, preacceptance by the customer and sampling operation take place at our company. After the client's acceptance and/or successful testing (e.g., with a test report according to the German VDA) of the device, delivery follows. The project leading department is also responsible for future customer support.

We also produce according to customer drawings and specifications. The share of this kind of production has soared to 40% of total production.

All internal processes are subject to quality management according to ISO 9001. The company is TÜV certified.