We design and engineer custom-made solutions for our customers from various industries. The Design & Engineering departments are responsible for the following workflow: Design and engineering work is done by our team of twelve design engineers. The initial designs are created according to given specifications and requirements. After the client’s approval of the extensive design drawings, production drawings are being created. An internal engineering approval is required before the design engineer orders the required parts at our manufacturing department. Around 98% of all machined parts are manufactured in-house. A selection of necessary purchasing parts is done by the design engineer who is responsible for the project. Client's wishes regarding preferred suppliers are taken into account. Purchase orders are then processed centrally. Assembly, commissioning, testing and preliminary acceptance by the client take place at our company. Our assembly shop is located next-door to the design & engineering departments, the design engineer also coordinates the assembly. After client acceptance and/or successful testing (e.g., with a test report according to the German VDA) of the device, delivery follows. The project leading department is also responsible for future customer support.
CAD-Systems with standard formats IGES, Step, DWG, DXF: